Requirements for getting a Police Clearance Certificate For Bangladeshi People

1. Any one of the permanent or current addresses mentioned in the applicant's passport must be located in the respective metropolitan / district police area and the applicant / whom the police clearance certificate is desired for must be the resident of that address.

2. Any person residing abroad will have to submit a certified copy of the passport information from the concerned Bangladesh Embassy / High Commission in the country where he is staying in the country for obtaining police clearance certificate.

3. In case of Machine Readable Passport (M.P.P.), if the passport is not mentioned in the passport, then the photocopy of the national identity card / birth registration certificate / certificate of the local Ward Councilor certified by the official gazetted officer of the 1st grade should be submitted.

4. Foreign clearance or expatriate Bangladeshi citizens and police clearance required for foreign nationals who return home or abroad living in Bangladesh are issued through this on-line system.

5. If you need police clearance for employment or any other work within Bangladesh, then contact the concerned district or city sbb branch.

Required Documents:

1. Approved online application form

2. Passport information sheet scanned by the Gazetted officer of 1st grade


Bangladesh Embassy in Bangladesh for information on Bangladeshi nationals abroad. Passport information leaflet scanned by the Embassy


For foreign nationals passport information page scanned by the respective Justice of Peace of his country.

3. In the case of any branch of the Bangladesh Bank / Sonali Bank (1-7301-0001-2681), the amount of 500 / - (five hundred) taka in the treasury run or online due to the credit / debit card, with the applicable service charge fees.

The rules of the application

By registering on the online police clearance certificate website, anyone can apply for a police clearance certificate for themselves or others. Click here to register.

Step 2:

After logging in to the Registered User Online Police Clearance Certificate site, click the Apply menu and fill the application correctly.

Step: 3

In the first step of the application form, fill in the personal details, the current and permanent address in the second step. Police verification will be completed in the address that is located in the District or Metropolitan area of ​​your current address.

Step: 4

Upload the scanned copies of the required documents in the third step of the application form.

Step: 5

The fourth step of the application form will show all the information you enter. If there is a mistake in the application, it can be changed back to the previous steps. However, after submitting the application in the fourth step, there will be no other change.

Step 6:

To pay the fee for the fifth step of the application form